The Roof Garden

Welcome to the Roof Garden or the Garden of Symbols. Kindly note the white terrazzo, which has been cut and set in the shape of a lotus flower. The lotus flower grows out of muddy waters without any of the dirt or mud attaching to its petals meaning that one can practice Buddhism in one’s daily life without being trapped or attached to the problems or turmoils of everyday life.

On the left side of the garden is a cutting from the Bodhi tree. The Buddha had attained enlightenment some 2500 years ago beneath a Bodhi tree. This is a cutting from the same original tree. The shape of the leaves is said to resemble the shape of a heart. The heart is important in the teachings of Buddhism, in that one starts by cultivating and retaining the pure and virtuous thoughts, and removing or eradicating the wrong or erroneous thoughts from within one’s heart. This is a basic fundamental teaching of our church.

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